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University Dining Services Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster diversity and inclusion, culture change and professional development which, in turn, will empower our employees to leverage their unique skills and talents. Thus, create a dining experience through our interaction with staff, students and employees that reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Sodexo Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Mission
Just as Sodexo is a leader in the food and facilities management industry; we are committed to promoting and fostering equal opportunity for employees in all operations of our company. Sodexo believes that diversity and inclusion is a fundamental and indispensable objective, which strengthens our company, maximizes the investment of our shareholders, and prepares us to lead in the 21st Century.

Sodexo is fully committed to ensuing not only compliance with the equal opportunity laws, but also a deeper commitment to the principle that diversity and inclusion will help us realize our greatest potential as a company and maximize the potential of all of our employees.


Sodexo’s Diversity Vision Statement
Diversity and Inclusion is an inherent part of our culture and business growth. The energy and talent at all levels of the organization is unleashed, resulting in innovative solutions that contribute to a spirit of team, service and progress. With diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage, Sodexo is an employer of choice and the benchmark for customers, clients and communities.

Awards & Recognition

DiversityInc named Sodexo the #1 company on their prestigious 2013 list
Sodexo: DiversityInc Top 50 Companies 2013
From a group of more than 500 participating companies, the Top 50 list included organizations from a wide range of industries, including consulting, retail, manufacturing and banking. This marks Sodexo's eighth year on the DiversityInc Top 50 list.


Sodexo Ranked Number One “Diversified Outsourcing Services” Company
Diversified Outsourcing Services Sodexo ranked number one overall in the Diversified Outsourcing Services sector and was also classed first for Innovation, Social responsibility, Financial soundness, Long-term investment and Global competitiveness.


Working Mother magazine named Sodexo one of the "Best Companies for Hourly Workers" for 2012
Diversified Outsourcing Services Working Mother magazine named Sodexo one of the "Best Companies for Hourly Workers" for 2012, awarding those employers that have the best policies and programs for promoting women and a dynamic work life culture. Best Buy, Capital One, Hilton, Marriott and Target are among the 12 companies that made the list.

“We are pleased to be recognized by Working Mother for the third consecutive year for our steadfast commitment to our employees,” said George Chavel president and chief executive officer for Sodexo. “Because we have a truly diverse work force that interacts with the millions of people whose lives we touch every day, we work continuously to engage our employees, provide a safe, open, and inclusive workplace, and offer meaningful wages, benefits, and training and development opportunities.” .


Leadership in the Support of Diversity and Inclusion Award
Spirit of Sodexo Five of our management team members Melissa Zelazny, Paul Bahan, Tom Oliver, Liz McCarthy and Tom Fondakowski were awarded the National Award for Leadership in Support for Diversity and Inclusion as part of the Spirit of Sodexo Awards. The team was honored in October 2007 at the Annual District Managers meeting held in Orlando, Florida. The award recognized an individual or a team for demonstrating respect for diversity among employee and customer populations, while exemplifying Sodexo's Missions and Values. Our team was recognized for their diversity activities around training, menu writing, hiring, programming and promotions.


Champions of Diversity Award
Champions_of_Diversity Paul Bahan was cited by Sodexo Education Services as a Champion of Diversity for work in fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Sodexo's Champion of Diversity is a quarterly recognition program that recognizes employees who go above and beyond to advance diversity and inclusion at Sodexo. Paul incorporates several facets of diversity in his role as Marketing Director. He incorporates kosher dining options on the menu, offers diversity topics at meetings, participates in an ongoing UVM Diversity Services, implements promotions and programs such as Global Chef and arranges for donations of food and services for a number of campus events on behalf of University Dining Services.