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On behalf of the entire Dining Services Team, we would like to thank you for participating in our on-campus dining program. This site has been designed to act as a quick reference to all of our services, so check back often throughout the year and enjoy all that we have to offer.

    Summer Dining at UVM

    Strawberries Staying on-campus this summer? Sign up for a Summer Dining Plan and take advantage of the sizzling savings. Contact our Meal Plan Office today at 656.2945.

    Wondering what dining locations are open? Be sure to visit our Summer Dining page for menus and hours. For campuswide summer info, visit Summer @ UVM.

    Given Bistro Coming Soon!

    Given Bistro Did you know the Given Atrium is being renovated this summer? The Atrium is open through Friday, May 9, reopening mid-August as Given Bistro. Where to eat during the renovation? The Brickyard Café, Rowell Building, lounge area; featuring coffee, baked goods, salads, fruit, sandwiches/wraps & more! Or visit our Summer Dining page for menus and hours. All your catering needs will be serviced by the Davis Center, all orders should be placed through EMS and our event planners.

    NEW Catering Menu!

    Flavours of Vermont have launched a new Catering Menu. It's now available on EMS and at on our Catering webpage. We look forward to serving you!

    Flavours Logo

    Eco-Ware Meal & Soup Containers

    Eco-Ware Buy an Eco-Ware container for $7.50, plus the cost of your meal, and save 15¢ at the register. Rinse and return your eco-ware container to an Eco-Depot. Upon return, receive and Eco-Ware cow tag to exchange for your next meal. Learn more about the program and how you can participate or follow us on Facebook.

    Now Available at...
    University Marché, Alice's Café, Waterman Café, Waterman Manor, Given Atrium, The Marketplace, Brennan's, Redstone Market, Northside Café and New World Tortilla

    QBOT launch at UVM!

    Qbot Want to get great deals on meals at your favorite dining location? University Dining Services has launched loyal reward program called QBOT. QBOT is an app that issues loyal customers rewards for multiple visits. Start by downloading the app and selecting Burlington as your location. Become a "VIP" member or "Love" our dining locations and receive an instant deal. Then start racking up scans on every purchase to earn freebies and discounts across campus! To download.

    Sporks at UVM

    Spork Logo Sporks are reusable utensils that have both a spoon and fork component. Sporks were first sold on campus through Eco-Reps at special events like farmers markets. When they first started on campus in fall 2010, UDS agreed to offer a 5 cent discount to students using a reusable spork instead of a plastic single-use utensil in an effort to reduce the waste created from single-use plastic utensils. Our local compost facility does not accept compostable utensils so all single-use utensils go to the landfill.

    Bye, Bye Bottled Water

    Bottled Water Effective as of January 1, 2013, flat and unenhanced bottled water is no longer sold at the University of Vermont. UVM is one of the first universities in the country to end the sale of bottled water (the flat and unflavored variety) on campus. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste generated from the purchase and disposal of these bottles.

    Free, clean water can be found at the 200-plus drinking fountains and the dozens of bottle refill stations in locations around the campus. A map of these locations will be available in January 2013.

    To learn more visit UVM's Bottled Water website.

    Kosher Dining at UVM

    kosher As part of the Redstone Unlimited renovation a certified Kosher Kitchen has been incorporated to provide Kosher food to the UVM community. The Kosher Kitchen is designated as a meat/parve kitchen and is operated by Vermont Kosher LLC, under the Orthodox Rabbinical supervision of Chabad of Vermont. Click here to learn more.

    Now Available myDtxt - the dining connection
    myDtxt is a text messaging service keeping you in touch with promotional events right in the palm of your hand. Sign up today!

    Welcome to UVM Dining

    All of us at University Dining Services as managed by Sodexo Campus Services would like to welcome all our students to our website!