Kosher Foods

As part of the Redstone Unlimited renovation a certified Kosher Kitchen has been incorporated to provide Kosher food to the UVM community. The Kosher Kitchen is designated as a meat/parve kitchen and is operated by Vermont Kosher LLC, under the Orthodox Rabbinical supervision of Chabad of Vermont. We are pleased to be able to provide the following to our students, faculty and staff of the University:

  • A Kosher dinner will be available Sunday through Thursday from 5:00pm -7:30pm. The Kosher dinner may be purchased using Retail Points, cash, credit/debit or Cat$cratch for 10.65 for UVM students, faculty and staff. Guests and non-UVM affiliates may purchase the Kosher dinner for 15.00.
  • UVM students interested in Kosher dining at UVM should contact UVM Hillel or Univeristy Dining Service for more info.

  • A selection of Kosher sandwiches, salads and wraps will be available for retail sale at the Redstone Market, University Marché, Davis Center Marketplace, Given Atrium, Waterman Café and Northside Café.

  • In addition the University Marché and Redstone Market feature a line of Kosher grocery items, including pre-packaged frozen entrees. You will find Kosher-style vegan/vegetarian offerings as well as other menu items that meet the criteria of Kosher-style, in all of our dining locations. Simply ask the manager of the facility where you are dining what options are available.

  • All of our dining areas provide Passover offerings for the holiday. In addition University Dining Services in collaboration with Hillel at UVM, provide Kosher-style catering for Shabbat dinners and their annual Seder meal.