Influenza Resources

Dining When your Ill
If you are ill, you should not visit the dining hall until you are symptom free. The most important thing when you are not feeling well is to drink plenty of clear fluids to keep from becoming dehydrated. Milk and dairy products are not recommended when experiencing nausea and vomiting as they take longer to digest and may not be tolerated well.

Keeping a ready supply of items may be helpful if you become ill. Supplies will be readily available for purchase at the University Marché as well as at the Redstone Market. You may also request a sick tray from any of our dining halls utilizing our Sick Tray Form so you do not have to visit the dining hall when you are ill.

Sick Tray
It is no fun to be sick so far from home. University Dining Services coordinates with the University to provide meals for students who are ill. As a student you can authorize a friend to pick up a meal using your ID and a completed Sick Tray Form. Your friend must present both to one of our customer service representatives at the dining location of your choice. The transaction is for one Meal or up to $10.00 in points depending on the dining location used. One form is to be completed for each meal request.