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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm attending UVM in the fall and plan to live on-campus! What do I need to do?
Congratulations! Before you arrive in the fall you will need to complete the Housing and Meal Plan Contract; where you will sign up for housing and choose your meal plan. Don't worry about doing this before you attend Summer Orientation. Dining Services staff will present the different meal plans and how to pick the one that works for you. If you can't wait till then, take a look at the Resident Meal Plans and Choosing a Meal Plan sections. Keep in mind the deadline to submit your Housing and Meal Plan Contract.

How do I choose a meal plan?
View tips On Choosing a Meal Plan in the Meal Plan section or read what some current UVM students have to say about their meal plan. Please note that Residential Meal Plans are selected as part of the Housing and Meal Plan Contract.

I live off-campus. What dining options do you have available?
While students that live off-campus are not required to have a Residential Meal Plan, many off-campus students eat one or more of their meals on-campus each day. Whether you're eating in an Unlimited dining location or a retail location, our Commuter Meal Plans will save you money while dining on-campus.

What is the difference between Unlimited Dining and Retail Point locations?
In our three Unlimited Dining locations students pay one price at the door, rather than paying for selected individual items as in our Retail locations. Retail Dining locations accept Retail Points, Cat$cratch, cash and credit cards. Unlimited Dining locations accept Meals, Retail Points, Cat$cratch, cash and credit cards, plus Unlimited Meal Plan holders can visit these dining halls as many times as they like during the day, week and semester.

Can I make changes to my meal plan?
If you find that the plan you selected on your housing contract is not meeting your needs, then you can change your plan during our meal plan switch period. In addition you may add meal "Points" to your to your account at any time by contacting our Meal Plan Office.

Why can I only change my meal plan during the meal plan switch period?
Meal plans are billed through the University, thus any meal plan switch must fall within the University’s billing cycle. Our Meal Plan Switch Period is posted on the website.

How do I add "Points" to my meal plan?
Retail Points can be added to your meal plan account through our Meal Plan Office.

Do "Points" expire?
Any unused Retail Points that came with your Residential Meal Plan will carry over from fall semester to spring semester, however they do not carry over at the end of the academic year and are non-refundable. Any additional "Points" added through our Meal Plan Office to your Residential Meal Plan are yours until used.

How can I find out my account balance?
The cashiers at any of our dining locations can swipe your UVM ID and tell you're remaining balance. Account information can also be obtained by contacting our Meal Plan Office or on-line by registering with the CatCard's Office Webcenter.

I have special dietary concerns. How do I address those?
We take great pride in our ability to accommodate students with special dietary needs. Whether a student has a food allergy/intolerance or a vegan/vegetarian diet, we will do our best to meet your needs. View Alternative Dietary Needs in the Nutrition section.

What if I am sick, how do I get a meal?
If you are sick and unable to go to a dining facility, you can authorize a friend to use your ID and pick up a meal for you. Print the Sick Tray Form, complete, sign and give to your friend along with your UVM ID. The transaction is for one Meal or up to $10.00 in "Points" depending on the location used. One form is needed for each meal request.

What if I am unable to attend an all-you-care-to-eat-meal?
Contact Cook Commons, Harris/Millis or Redstone Unlimited Dining Hall at least 24-hours in advance, and we will be happy to make arrangements for a meal that you can pick up prior to the dining period as part of our “Meals on the Move” Program. Or try our resident Simply-to-Go take-out program available at any "all-you-care-to-eat" dining location.

Can I take food out of a Resident Dining Hall?
Our resident dining halls are designed to offer "all you care to eat" within the facility. Guests are more than welcome to finish their ice cream or piece of fruit as they exit. Or if you are seeking another dining option try our resident Simply-to-Go take-out program available at all our "all-you-care-to-eat" dining location.

Can my roommate use one of my Meals?
No. Meals are designed and priced for the sole use of the person who has purchased the meal plan and are designed to cater to that person’s needs for an entire semester of dining. The Unlimited Meal Plans come with a set number of guest meals that enable you to bring someone into the Unlimited dining locations. Please note that using someone else's UVM ID is a violation of University Policy.

How do I use my Meals at the Northside Cafe?
Individuals with an "Unlimited Access Plan" can use one of their Meals versus their Retail Points at the Northside Café as part of the Meal Equivalency Program. To participate in the program, select items of your choice (see restrictions) up to the Meal Equivalency amount: $6.00 for breakfast, $8.00 for lunch/brunch and $10.00 dinner. The program allows for one bottle beverage per meal period, not including milk. Upon check out inform your cashier you would like to use a Meal. Restricted items include: grocery items, snack bars, candy, gum and/or ice cream.

Note: only one Meal Equivalency per meal period.

How are service hours determined?
Service hours are based on data collected from the Meal Plan Office. This information is then matched against other data such as comment cards, surveys and University classes/meeting schedules. All of this information helps us develop service hours recommendations, which are then presented to the University's Dining Services Advisory Committee for approval.

What do I do if I lost my UVM ID?
View Lost ID Cards in the Meal Plans section.

Can I use my retail points at local restaurants?
Resident dining points can only be used at on-campus dining locations. Cat$cratch dollars can be utilized at local restaurants.

Where can I get local food on-Campus?
University Dining Services is committed to serving local food wherever and whenever possible. Check out Brennan's in the Davis Center which showcases a local menu year-round. View our Local and "Real" Foods section on our Sustainability page for the most current information.

Food Waste. What does University Dining Services do with leftovers?
View Composting in the Social Responsibility section.

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