Welcome to Catering at the University of Vermont! Our new Virtual Event Management System (EMS) is now live! You can start using it to request rooms, catering, and services for events right away.

If you have not been trained, you can complete training online.

For our Off-campus guests, please contact Conference and Event Services online or by calling 802.656.5665 for assistance in planning your event and/or reserving space.

For your special events, University Catering would be happy to assist you in designing the perfect menu. We have more offerings than shown on the website with ethnic, seasonal and specialty items. Remember, we’re just a phone call away should you need special service or questions answered. Our Catering hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 7am to 7pm.  Events booked outside of these hours will be subject to attendant fees. This applies to all venues on-campus.

Tina Billado
Catering Administrator
Flavours of Vermont
Central Catering Office
P 802.656.2284
Kristi Griffin
Catering Coordinator
Flavours of Vermont
Davis Center and CAES
P 802.656.3562
Jim Rodgers
Operations Director
P 802.656.4664
Nate Stevens
Catering Manager
P 802.656.7780